Women’s Creativity and Survival during Covid 19 and its Aftermath

The 33rd Oxford International Women’s Festival

March 1st – March 14th 2022

Since the Oxford International Women’s Festival began in 1989, it has always focused on Women’s International Day March 8 th , the day when women throughout the world celebrate women’s struggle for political, trade union and employment rights. It has also covered a wide range of topics ranging from the arts to the sciences, as well as women’s creativity, and initiated and supported campaigns on women’s rights.

Since the 2020 Festival, Covid 19 has changed women’s lives dramatically and provided them with many new challenges. The Festival Collective was able to respond to some of these challenges and put on a successful online Festival in 2021 which celebrated women’s creativity in this depressing period.

The title for the 2022 Festival, ‘Women’s Creativity and Survival During Covid 19 and its Aftermath’ will continue this theme by illustrating how women have found positive ways in surviving the events of the last year. The 2022 Festival will be a celebration of women’s survival as well as a memorial for those who did not survive. It will also focus on why it is important to keep up the struggle for women’s equality, both locally, nationally and internationally. This will be illustrated and communicated through music, dance, film, discussion and debate.