2021 Festival


(FEBRUARY 27th – MARCH 14th, 2021)

Since the Oxford International Festival began in 1989, it has not only focused on Women’s International Day, March 8th, but has also covered a wide range of topics ranging from the arts to the sciences, as well as women’s creativity and initiating and supporting campaigns on women’s rights.

The 2021 Festival will focus on women’s creativity, particularly their contributions to a variety of landscapes.  Landscape can be interpreted in a numerous ways, for example it can be natural or imaginary.  It can be designed, changed and recorded by both individuals and groups of people. In all these interpretations women have played major roles in transforming and adapting to landscapes, although they are often forgotten or ignored.

This Festival seeks to recognise women’s role in helping to change and adapt to all kinds of landscape, particularly in the last two hundred years, when industrialisation, urbanisation, technological changes, the expansion in education, health, politics, changes in domestic life and responses to climate change, have transformed women’s lives. More and more women are contributing to the arts and the sciences in many areas specifically connected in transforming and helping us understand the importance of landscape such as gardening, architecture, music, botany, agriculture and engineering.